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Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club is excited to announce the introduction of FootGolf this summer season! FootGolf offers a unique spin on the traditional game of Golf as we know it, combining Golf's basics with the world's most popular sporting activity... Soccer! There are now over 100 accredited U.S. Golf Courses that offer FootGolf, and Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club is one of only two courses in all of New England to showcase this fun new sport! FootGolf is fast becoming a game that's both easy to learn and incredibly fun to play, and we think it will continue to gain popularity world-wide! 
Below is overview of FootGolf at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club, and we encourage you to contact us any time with FootGolf inquiries at We hope to see you 'kicking it' on our fairways this summer season!
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Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club is proud to be an official member of the American Foot Golf League!
Click here to learn more about the AFGL 

Days & Times Offered

  • Our goal is to offer FootGolf play as much as possible, but we also need to limit playing times during our busier Golf periods... Below are the months, days & times we offer FootGolf play at SHGC:
    • April: Mon – Thur: Open – 2:00 pm & after 5 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 5 pm
    • May 1st – August 19th: Mon – Thur: Open – 2:00 pm & after 5:30 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 5:30 pm
    • Beginning August 20th: Mon – Thur: Open – 2:00 pm & after 5 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 5 pm
    • Beginning September 15th: Mon – Thur: Open – 2:00 pm & after 4:30 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 4:30 pm
    • Beginning October 1st: Mon – Thur: Open – 2:00 pm & after 4 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 4 pm
    • Beginning October 15th: Mon – Thur: Open – 2:00 pm & after 3:30 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 3:30 pm
    • November: Mon – Thur: Any time / Fri, Sat, Sun, Hdys: After 2:30 pm
    • Due to the 'newness' of the sport, FootGolf days & times are subject to change... Please call ahead to confirm whenever possible

FootGolf RatesIMG 1902

  • Adult 18-holes: $17 per player (walking) / $27 per player (riding)
  • Junior 18-holes: Juniors pay their age (normal golf car fees apply)
  • Note: FootGolf is played as 18-holes only
    All rates are subject to change

Important Notes All FootGolfers Must Know!

  • Because FootGolf is played in-line with traditional Golf, we need to ensure that there is a mutual respect between our Golfers and our FootGolfers... We expect all FootGolfers to conduct themselves appropriately by respecting the following FootGolf Etiquette points during their round:
    • Respect Others! Running and/or yelling is not permitted on the golf course... We of course want everyone to have fun, but we need to be sure that FootGolfers do not disrupt the rounds being played by our traditional Golfers
    • Keep a Close Eye on the Kids! We ask parents/adults to please do their part to make sure children do not put themselves in harm's way... Always know where your children are and please make sure they are conducting themsleves appropriately while on the golf course
    • Important note about Pace of Play! Your FootGolf round should be played in two hours or less, and we expect all FootGolfers to keep an adequate pace relative to the group in front... Please make sure you never pressure or crowd the group ahead of yours
    • Important note about Pace of Play! Should the group playing behind be playing at a faster pace than your group, always step aside on the next tee and allow them to play through
    • Play Smart & Safe! Always make sure the group ahead is safely out of range before kicking a shot... Play smart & play safe!
    • Please DO NOT travel across our primary Golf putting greens & tee areas... These are specifically maintained areas designated strictly for traditional golfers
    • If you kick a shot from a sand-bunker, we ask that you neatly rake out your imprints
    • If you make a divot while kicking a shot, we ask that you neatly replace your divots... Respect the golf course too!
    • Golf Car Notes! If using a Golf Car during your FootGolf round, we ask that you please A) do not drive the golf car near tees, greens, sand bunkers, through brooks or within our pristine native grass areas, B) always apply the emergency brake on all hills and inclines, and C) please know that children under the age of 18 are not permitted to operate golf cars at Sagamore
    • Remember the expected Pace of Play for an 18-hole FootGolf round is TWO HOURS or less
  • FootGolfers may bring their own soccer balls to use, but we also offer rental balls at an additional charge of $5 per


Reserving FootGolf Tee-Times

  • FootGolfers should reserve thier tee-times (or kick times!) up to seven days in advance, just as traditional golfers do, either by reserving them online (Click here to reserve you FootGolf time online) or by calling us at 603-964-5341
  • Each tee-time is strictly limited to four (4) players
  • Groups larger than eight players (two tee-time slots) will be reserved as an 'outing' group... Please contact Kate Blais at if you are interested in scheduling a FootGolf outing at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club

FootGolf Course and LayoutDSC 8226

  • 18-holes of FootGolf are expected to be played in 2 hours or less, roughly the same amount of time it takes traditional golfers to play 9-holes... Please be respectful of this pace of play expectation
  • All FootGolf play takes place on the front-9 (holes 1 thru 9) of Sagamore's regulation golf course
  • FootGolf tees & holes will typically be located just to the side of each regulation golf hole (generally within 10-30 yards of the golf fairway or teeing area)
  • Each FootGolf hole is 21 inches in diameter and will be designated by the official orange FootGolf flag
  • FootGolf tee markers will also be colored orange for easy distinction

FootGolf Attire

  • Soccer attire is always acceptable, and FootGolfers should dress comfortably and tastefully... We do ask that you please not wear tank tops, sleeveless shirts or cut-off shorts... thank you!
  • Collared shirts are encouraged, but not mandatory (t-shirts are allowed)
  • FootGolfers are also encouraged to sport their favorite Soccer team jersey if they choose, along with knee-high argyle socks (which are known to be 'customary' FootGolf attire!)... Have fun with it!
  • Important! Athletic CLEATS are strictly prohibited... FootGolfers may wear either indoor soccer shoes or regular sneakers

FootGolf Orientations

  • We do our best to offer quick yet helpful 'FootGolf Orientations' for those playing FootGolf for the very first time. These orientations will take place just before your FootGolf round on the 1st tee, and will be administered by Sagamore's FootGolf Ambassadors (so please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early)... Our goal is make sure all groups are comfortable and well informed before they 'kick-off'!

Email us any time at or call our clubhouse at 603-964-5341

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