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Golf Lesson Rates & Info

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All Lessons are Conducted by Laura Shanahan Rowe
LPGA Class A Teaching Professional & Legends Tour Player

Laura's Lesson Availability
MARCH - APRIL Schedule - Week days & Weekends
10:30am - 6:30pm (Dusk)
MAY - AUGUST Schedule 
10:00am - 7:00pm

Book a Lesson
Option 1: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text Laura at 603-624-6041 
Option 2: Click the 'Request a Lesson with Laura' button below to submit your inquiry online
GIFT CARDS for Lessons - call the Sagamore Golf Center 603-964-8393 PRESS 0 to speak with a staff member.

Rates below.

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Adult Lesson Rates
Full-hour: $100 per person
Half-hour: $60 per person

Adult Lesson Series
Full-Hour sessions
Three (3) Full-hour lessons: $280 per person
Five (5) Full-hour lessons: $450 per person
* Recommended for New golfers and working on a couple of skills

Half-Hour Sessions
Three (3) Half-hour lessons: $170 per person
Five (5) Half-hour lessons: $280 per person
* Half-hour Lesson Series are designed to cover one skill/topic area each session

2-Person Lesson SeriesLSR3
Three (3) Full-hour lessons: $170 per person

Series Topics and Notes:
Full swing with irons, driver, hybrids and/or fairways woods
Short Game sessions - Chipping, sand shots, putting fundamentals
*Flexible times to fit your schedule
*V1 video reviewed during 1-hour private lessons
*'Series' lessons are paid in advance and must be scheduled within one year of sign-up date
*Five (5) Full-hour Lesson Series typically recommended for new golfers
*1/2 hr Series focus on one skill area each session
*One Lesson of the Series will be forfeited for missing a scheduled time

Lesson with a Friend
Bring a friend, spouse or another interested golfer!
Semi Private Lesson (One Full-hour):
2 Adults: $60 per person       2 Juniors: $45 pp
3 Adults: $50 per person       3 Juniors: $35 pp
4 Adults: $40 per person       4 Juniors: $30 pp

Adult Group Classes_ 2020 schedule_TBD
Group Classes may include men, women, new golfers, mixed or make your own group

email Laura: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Junior 'One-on-One' Lessons (ages 8 to 17)
Full-hour: $85 per junior
Half-hour: $55 per junior

Junior 'One-on-One' Lesson Series
Three (3) Full-hour lessons: $230 per person
Three (3) Half-hour lessons: $150 per person
Five (5) Full-hour lessons: $325 per person
Five (5) Half-hour lessons: $250 per person
Notes: Our Five (5) Full-hour Lesson Series is designed to help Juniors learn the fundamentals & skills necessary to play Golf the right way; Afternoon lesson times only for Juniors

On-Course Playing Lessons
Play 9-holes with the Pro at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club!

Single: $250 per person
Twosome: $125 per person
Threesome: $80 per person

Notes about On-Course Playing Lessons:
*On-Course lessons are designed to improve Golf Course management & scoring
*Includes Golf & Golf Car fees
*Contact Laura directly for available times by clicking here


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How can different groups benefit from Golf Instruction?

Experienced Players
Players looking for skills assessment, game evaluations and how to improve their scoring performance

New Players
An introduction to the Game of Golf using the LPGA student centered model, tailored to the individual students learning style - All the basics of putting, short game shots, full swing and covering information on equipment, rules and etiquette

Adult Lessons
Develop a plan for success with swing improvement techniques and a practice plan designed to lower your scores

Women's Lessons
Consider a Group Session or Semi-Private lesson with your friends... Learn an effective and compatible motion that fits you while have fun learning

Junior Golfers
Designed to set a solid foundation for the basics of the Game of Golf