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FlingGolf at SHGC

Fling Golf is a fun new sport that is gaining momentum across the U.S., putting a whole new twist on the game of Golf as we know it. While the basics of Golf still very much apply, Fling Golfers will substitute the usual 13 clubs with just one Fling Stick (along with a normal golf ball). Players will play each hole just as they would if they were playing traditional Golf, executing each shot with their Fling Stick and by using a variety of fling-techniques. On the putting greens, each "putt" is also played using the Fling Stick to push or 'sweep' the ball toward the hole. Fling Golf is a bit like combining Golf with game of Lacrosse, and while it's a fun sporting activity all it's own, it's also designed to help introduce new players to the golf course and the game of Golf itself!

If you haven't heard of Fling Golf before, we encourage you to visit their website at to learn more about this fun new take on the game of Golf as we know it. And if you'd like to try it out before you book a tee time at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club (SHGC), we strongly encourage you to 'fling' a bucket or two at our Sagamore Golf Center's Driving Range, to help become familiar with the technique.

Fling Golf Days, Times & Details

  • Players may reserve Fling Golf tee-times at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club Monday thru Thursday between the hours of 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm (sorry, no Fridays, weekends or holidays)
  • Normal greenfees apply (click here to visit our 'Rates' page)
  • Tee-times are required, call us at 603-964-5341
  • Fling Sticks are available for rental at the golf course
  • For more information about this fun new activity, visit
  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEW FLING GOLFERS! Before hitting the fairways for your first attempt at Fling Golf, we strongly encourage all new players to practice at the driving range first before booking any tee times (our Sagamore Golf Center allows FlingGolf as well). Like any new activity, it will require a bit of practice before new 'Flingers' become comfortable with the technique.