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Weekday 10-Paks

Sagamore Spring Golf Club's popular Weekday 10-Paks allow golfers to save 15% off our normal weekday rate when they purchase their rounds in 'paks' of ten! They're ideal for weekday league particiapants, retirees or any avid weekday player. Golfers can 'reload' their 10-Paks as often as they like, and best of all, sagamore spring 10 paksany unused 10-Pak rounds will carry-over from year to year... So remember to grab a 10-Pak this season and save!

Weekday 10-Pak Pricing
9-holes: $238 / 18-holes: $391

Important 10-Pak Note! It's important to remember that our 10-Paks are designed specifically for weekday use and may not be used for play on weekends or holidays