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  • Sagamore Spring Golf Club
    Located in Lynnfield, MA
  • Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club
    Located in North Hampton, NH
  • Sagamore Golf Center & Mini Golf
    Located in North Hampton, NH

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Sagamore Spring
Golf Club

Lynnfield, MA

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Golf Club

North Hampton, NH

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Golf Center

North Hampton, NH

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Pioneers of Public Golf in New England
Three Great Golf Locations for All to Enjoy

For the past 89 years, Sagamore Golf, Inc. has established itself as a true pioneer of public golf in New England... That's right, Sagamore opened its fairways to the public back in 1929, and today (nearly nine decades later!) our family's fourth generation is at the helm... The great game of Golf has come a long way since 1929, and so has Sagamore.SAGAMORE735

Being at the forefront of public golf in central New England is something we will always be proud of, and what got us there was obviously alot of hard work and our 'drive' to make Sagamore a FUN place to play golf. We want to be a place where golfers get together regularly with friends to relax and escape 'the rigors of life' for a few hours. We try hard to offer high-end course conditions at a fair and reasonable price, and we have a number of super golf specials and value programs to help keep the game accessible and affordable for just about everyone. And lastly, we want to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that welcomes all players of all experience levels... Those are the targets we aim to hit each and every season at Sagamore.

Each of our three locations is conveniently located within an hour of Boston and offers something special. Sagamore Spring Golf Club (Lynnfield, MA) is the 'Grand-Daddy' of the Sagamore trio, offering eighteen beautiful golf holes in the heart of Massachussett's North Shore. Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club (North Hampton, NH) provides two contrasting nines, each wonderfully picturesque in its own right. The Sagamore Golf Center (also in North Hampton, NH) is the newest member of the family, and it's been recognized annualy as 'One of America's Top-50 Golf Ranges', featuring a year-round driving range, awesome mini-golf and top-notch Golf Instruction.

It doesn't matter if you're an avid low-handicapper or you're new to the game of golf... You and your friends have an open invitation to tee-it-up at Sagamore this season and enjoy the greatest game on earth... GOLF!

Sagamore Spring Golf Club
Address: 1287 Main Street
Lynnfield, MA, 01940
Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club
Address: 101 North Road
North Hampton, NH, 03862
Sagamore Golf Center
Address: 22 North Road ,
North Hampton, NH
, 03862