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Meet Our Team


Karen Donohoe
Sagamore Golf Center / Clubhouse Manager

Karen has been a part of our Sagamore Golf Center Team for several seasons, and in the spring of 2020 she joined Sagamore's Management Team as our Clubhouse Manager, and she's been instrumental in helping us navigate our way through the 'COVID Storm'! She loves the game of Golf and she has outstanding people skills, and she's proven that she can effectively manage our day-to-day inside operations while also fostering great relationships with both our customers and our team of employees. Karen is also a full-time teacher, which is clearly a sizable responsibility on its own, and we're so fortunate that she's been able and willing to balance both of her roles with grace --- Karen's wonderful personality, her natural ability to lead, and her diligent work-ethic make her a perfect fit for Sagamore, and we're truly grateful to have her as a key member of the Sagamore Team!



Laura Shanahan Rowe
LPGA Teaching Professional & Legends Tour Player

Laura doesn't need much introduction, as she's been a top New England LPGA Professional for many, many years. Laura is both a premier Teaching Professional as well as a hugely accomplished competitive golfer, having notable success in state & regional competitions, national USGA events, as well as on the LPGA/Legends Tour. Laura has an outstanding approach to teaching and she has improved the game for countless beginners, intermediates and experienced players! We're honored to have Laura on Team Sagamore, and if you'd like to learn more about her lesson programs and her golf pedigree, be sure to click here for more information!



Matt Harkovich
Sagamore Golf Center / Facility Foreman

Matt has been a valued member of our Golf Center's maintenance team for several seasons now, and in 2020 he was promoted to the role of Foreman, making him a key contributor in terms of administering our outside Driving Range operation and keeping the facility in the best possible condition for our customers. Matt works closely with our Head Superintendent and he's proven that he's wise beyond his years (he's only a Senior in high school!), and his passion for Turf Care and his tireless work-ethic have allowed him to thrive in the Foreman's role. Matt has enthusiastically found a way to take on his academic responsibilities as well as the Foreman position, and he's always willing to contribute in any way necessary --- We're so lucky to have Matt on our Team, and we still can't wrap our heads around the fact that he's only 18 years old!



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