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Course Tour / Score Card

sag hampton score card



Course Slopes & Ratings

Yellow (Juniors): Not rated
Silver (Women): 63.9/106
Green (Women): 72.4/126
Silver (Men): 60.7/115
Green (Men): 67.1/115
Black (Men): 68.6/118

Pace of Play Targets

9-holes = Two hours twenty minutes
18-holes = 4 hours 40 minutes

A Hole-by-Hole Overview

Hole #1: Our opening hole is a very short par-4 with a challenging green --- It's a great hole to begin your round with!

Hole #2: This is a solid par-4 with another challenging green. Your tee shot needs to clear a narrow brook about 140 yards out, and there are fairway and greenside bunkers to navigate.

Hole #3: Hole #3 is a great par-4 featuring a raised green that's long and narrow, making it very tricky to hit in regulation. Your tee shot needs to carry Cornelius Brook about 170 yards off the primary tee.

Hole #4: This is a simple par-3 that plays pretty long from the back (Black) tees. The green is not bunkered and it's fairly flat.

Hole #5: This short par-4 is all about the tee shot, which needs to clear a very narrow opening. Longer hitters can actually drive this green, but that requires a very straight drive. The safe bet is to play a hybrid or fairway wood to the visible landing spot, leaving yourself with a short approach shot to the a challenging green.

Hole #6: This is a long, straight par-5 with the smallest green on the course. Hit the green in regulation and making par will be easy.

Hole #7: A long par-3 with an elevated tee shot that needs to carry Cornelius Brook about 145 yards from the tee. Hitting the green with your tee shot is the hard part.

Hole #8: This is the front-9's signature hole, featuring a very unique landscape. Your tee shot needs to clear a pond to the landing area. From there you'll find hilly terrain and a "bowl" shaped landing area for most second shots. The green will be elevated from the "bowl", and it's severely sloped from back to front... It's imperative to stay below the hole --- You either love this hole or you hate it, have fun!

Hole #9: A fun par-3 with pot bunkers on the left side of the green and grass moguls on the right. The green is one of the most difficult greens to putt on the golf course.

Hole #10: Our longest hole on the course requires a solid tee shot and a well placed second shot over Cornelius Brook. The green is relatively small and flat with no bunkers.

Hole #11: A long par-3 with an elevated, sloped green. This is one of the most challenging par-3's on the course.

Hole #12: This is a picturesque hole that's straight and tree-lined. There are no hazards to navigate, but this hole requires a long and accurate drive in order to make par or birdie.

Hole #13: A relatively short par-5 that doglegs slightly to the left. There's a small pond on the left that longer hitters should avoid with their tee shot, and the green is very long and narrow, making it difficult to hit.

Hole #14: This is a very short and easy par-3 with a green that's sloped from right to left. This hole has a lower and upper tee box to choose from.

Hole #15: A fun, short par-4 that requires a straight tee shot. The green is bunkered on the front-left, but this is a birdie hole for many.

Hole #16: A fairly long par-5 that requires another straight tee shot. The green is very small, but this is a birdie hole for longer hitters.

Hole #17: A long and elevated par-3 that requires a great tee shot --- If you hit the green in regulation, par is not too difficult.

Hole #18: Our most challenging hole (by far) is also our finishing hole! It's the longest par-4 on the course with Cornelius Brook running diagonally across the landing area and 'away from' the tee. Your tee shot needs to avoid the brook if you want any chance at par or birdie, and the green is bunkered on the front-left. Oh yeah, there's almost always a prevailing headwind as well... Good luck!


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