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Information for Our Golfers

This page provides a summary of what we offer, along with some helpful information that we hope will answer questions that golfers may have before they visit the course --- If you can't find answers to your questions below, we encourage you to call us any time at 603-964-5341 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Golf Cars

  • We offer a full fleet of 72 gas-powered golf cars, each nicely equipped with canopy top, windshield & USB outlets
  • Golfers must be at least 18 years of age (with valid driver's license) to rent/operate golf cars
  • For your safety, golf cars will not be issued past 2-hours before sunset
  • For safety and liability reasons, golf cars are not permitted to cross North Road to our parking lot
  • The golf car renter accepts full responsibility for any injuries or damage caused by their golf car while it's in their possession... Please drive carefully, responsibly and respectfully!
    • Golf Car Disclosure (signed by all riders): By paying Sagamore's golf car rental fee, you are acknowledging that you (the golf car renter) accept full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by you and/or your negligence while operating any golf car on Sagamore property. You are expected to operate the golf car responsibly and with care at all times, and to use extreme caution while traveling the golf course. You are fully responsible for the golf car while it is in your possession during your round of golf.


Our Golf Car Rules System

If the weather, forecast or conditions are questionable we urge folks to always call ahead to confirm our golf car status by calling 603-964-5341 --- Below is a summary of the four Golf Car Rules that can apply at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club:

    NO RESTRICTIONS (Normal turf conditions):
     *Golf cars may travel freely throughout course except in those areas where cars are restricted**
     **NOTE: Golf cars restricted to PATHS ONLY on all par-3’s and holes #5 and #12 (these holes are permanently roped/staked)
     **Golf cars are prohibited from traveling in 'Natural Areas' (the taller native grass areas throughout the course)
     Handicap Flags will be available on 'No Restriction' days

    90-DEGREE RULE (When turf conditions are still sensitive, but limited golf car traffic is permitted, see below):
     *Golf cars restricted to paths only (golf cars are permitted to ‘scatter’ on holes where paths are not available)
     *Golf cars may exit the path at a strict 90-degree angle only to get to their ball
     *Golf cars must return to the path immediately after the shot is played, the same way
     *NOTE: Golf cars restricted to PATHS ONLY on all par-3’s and holes #5 and #12 (these holes are permanently roped/staked)
     *Golf cars are prohibited from traveling in 'Natural Areas' (the taller native grass areas throughout the course)
     Handicap Flags will be available on '90-Degree' days

     PATHS ONLY (When turf conditions are highly sensitive in the lower areas and golf cars are restricted to paths only)
    *Golf cars restricted to PATHS ONLY (‘scatter’ on holes where paths are not available)
    *Golf cars are prohibited from traveling in 'Natural Areas' (the taller native grass areas throughout the course)
    Handicap Flags will NOT be available

     WALKING ONLY (When turf conditions are too sensitive to allow any golf car traffic, typically early spring, winter or after substantial rainfall)
     *Golf course conditions deemed unsuitable for golf car traffic
     Handicap Flags will NOT be available (golf cars not allowed on course)

     Some Other Important Golf Car Notes!

  • Handicap Flags (available for golfers with genuine handicaps that severely limit their walking/mobility): We're happy to provide a blue Handicap Flag upon request to A) help our team identify golfers with limited mobility or handicaps, and B) to allow those golfers to travel up to 20 feet from our tees and greens**
  • **When are Handicap Flags available?
    • Handicap Flags are available only on days when the rule is 'No Restrictions' or '90-Degrees' (see golf car rules summary above)
    • Important Reminder! On all par-3's and on holes #5 & #12, golf cars are permanently restricted to paths only (this applies every day to all golfers, even those with Handicap Flags)


On-Course Drinking Water Notice

Due to the risk of potential health/hygienic concerns, Sagamore no longer offers communal water cooler stations on the golf course. We encourage golfers to either bring their own water or grab some beverages from the snack bar before they tee off, especially on hot and humid summer days. If you forget to bring your own water, please know that you will have the following options available to help keep hydrated:

  • Our Snack Bar offers a wide variety of beverage options
  • We offer a nice, cold (and free!) water via our water fountain in our clubhouse, which golfers can use any time to fill water bottles
  • Our on-course Beverage Cart runs daily during the summer months and on weekends during May, September and October
  • On days that are forecasted to have temps of 90+ we do our best to make complimentary bottled water available on the 1st tee


Our (Typical) Golf Season

SHGC's Golf Season typically begins in late March or early April (weather permitting) --- We work hard to keep the course open as long as the weather and turf conditions allow for it. We urge golfers to check our homepage or call ahead (603-964-5341) during the early spring/winter months to confirm our open status.

Closed Christmas Day: All three Sagamore locations are closed on Christmas Day so that our team members can enjoy the holiday with family and friends


Our Rate Seasons

Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club offers three rate periods --- Off Season, Peak Season & Winter Season, all of which are outlined below:

  • OFF-SEASON: April & October 16th thru November 12th
  • PEAK SEASON: May 1st thru October 15th
  • WINTER SEASON (weather dependent): November 13th thru March 31st


Course Opening Times

  • April 1st - April 14th: 8 AM daily
  • April 15th - April 30th: Weekdays 7 AM / Weekends & Holidays 6 AM
  • April 31st- May 12th: Weekdays 6 AM / Weekends & Holidays 5:30 AM
  • May 13th - July 16th: Weekdays 6 AM / Weekends & Holidays 5 AM
  • July 17th - August 13th: Weekdays 6 AM / Weekends & Holidays 5:30 AM
  • August 14th – Sept 4th: Weekdays 6 AM / Weekends & Holidays 6 AM
  • Sept 5th - October 1st: Weekdays 6:30 AM / Weekends & Holidays 6:30 AM
  • October 2nd - October 15th: Weekdays 7 AM / Weekends & Holidays 6:30 AM
  • October 16th - October 29th: Weekdays 8 AM / Weekends & Holidays 7 AM
  • October 30th - March 30th: 8 AM daily


Course Closing Times

  • The golf course, Clubhouse & property gates close promptly 15 minutes after sunset every day --- For your safety, all golfers must be off the course before dark
  • Golf cars must be returned to the Clubhouse 15 minutes after sunset


Tee-Time Notes

  • Due to the high demand, all golfers/groups are required to have a tee-time (walk-ins cannot be guaranteed a tee-time and will be accommodated only if we have open tee-time space for them)
  • We accept tee-times up to 7-days in advance
  • Tee-times can be booked online 24/7 via our website
  • Tee-times can also be booked over the phone or in person during normal business hours


Our 'No-Show' Policy

A valid credit card is required for all tee-times (a credit card is required only to cover potential 'No-Show Fees' should they apply to your reservation; greenfees are NOT charged to the credit card in advance; all greenfee payments will be due at the course upon check-in)

  • No-Show Fees: If any group arrives to play with fewer players than they had reserved, they will be charged the following 'No-Show Fees': Weekdays - $15 per absent player / Weekends & Hdys - $20 per absent player
  • To avoid No-Show Fees be sure to call in any changes or cancellations no later than 24-hours before your tee time OR login to your Sagamore tee time account and adjust your reservation no later than 24-hours before your tee time
  • Groups of 9 or more players are restricted to Mon - Thurs (no holidays) and can be booked further in advance but require a pre-paid deposit (call us at 603-964-5341 to reserve)
  • Singles & 2-somes will be paired-up accordingly on busier days
  • We'll always do our best to accommodate 'walk-ins', but please note that we cannot guarantee tee-times for 'walk-ins' on busier days
  • No more than four players allowed per tee-time group


Driving Range

Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club does not have a driving range at the golf course --- However, our nationally acclaimed Sagamore Golf Center is located just one mile from the course, making it easy to visit before or after your round --- Below is a summary of what our Sagamore Golf Center has to offer:

  • Our Sagamore Golf Center is open 364 days a year (closed Xmas Day)
  • Features one of New Hampshire's largest grass tees (over 50,000 square feet!)
  • 16 covered & heated year-round driving range stations
  • Power Tee stations installed on 8 of our 16 covered/heated range stations
  • Super-fun Family Mini Golf
  • Short-game areas for chipping and putting
  • Professional Golf Instruction
  • Sagamore is proud to be a founding partner & home of The First Tee of New Hampshire
  • Our Golf Center is located at 22 North Road, North Hampton, New Hampshire, 03862 / 603-964-8393


Practice Putting Green

Our practice putting and chipping green is located adjacent to our 10th tee and it's available for all golfers to utilize before or after their round


GHIN Handicap Service

Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club is an official GHIN Member Club, offering full golf handicapping services for any golfer looking to register their handicap for tournament competition or to simply keep track of their progress as a golfer.

  • The USGA has partnered with the world's other handicapping organizations to create one uniform service, the World Handicapping Service
  • Annual GHIN registration fee applies - Click here to register today via our online store
  • GHIN Indexes are now updated daily
  • GHIN Members can easily post scores in-person, online or by using the official GHIN score-posting app
  • Sagamore's active GHIN Members may participate in any of our exclusive club tournaments


Push Cart Rentals

Golfers may rent push carts for a fee at the course


Golf Club Rentals

We offer a limited number of Taylor Made club rental sets, which are available to rent on a first-come-first-serve basis (a valid Drivers License or credit card is required to rent clubs)

Important Club Rental Notes: It's important to us that we offer quality club rental sets for our customers, and we ask that folks please take care of our clubs during their round. If any set is returned with missing or damaged clubs, the renter will be responsible for a replacement fee of $50 per club --- So please treat our club rental sets as if they were your own!


Snack Bar & Bar

While we don't offer formal restaurant dining at SHGC, our Snack Bar offers plenty to tame your appetite & quench your thirst during your day of golf! We serve popular menu choices that are quick & easy, like breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, and made-fresh sandwiches which are all perfect for golfers grab at the turn. We offer a variety of beer, seltzers, canned cocktails and a limited selection of popular cocktails as well for golfers to enjoy either inside or outdoors!


On-Course Beverage Cart

We do our best to have our Beverage Cart operating daily during the busiest times of the golf season (see days & times below). Our Beverage Cart serves ice-cold beer & refreshments, as well as light snacks for golfers to enjoy on the course! 

  • Days & Times of Operation (weather permitting):
    • Before Memorial Day & After Labor Day: Beverage Cart typically runs on weekends/holidays beginning in May when weather permits
    • Memorial Day thru Labor Day: Our Beverage Cart runs daily (10 am - 6 pm) weather permitting
    • Note: We try to have our Beverage Cart running when the weather & the volume of play justifies it


Pro Shop & Golf Merchandise

We offer a nice selection of golf apparel, balls, bags, gloves and various golf accessories in our pro shop. We're also more than happy to place special golf club orders for customers upon request, so please feel free to inquire any time!


Frost Delays

Frost Delays should be anticipated in the early spring and late fall months, so we ask our golfers to be prepared on colder mornings. Frost delays can range from 15 minutes up to two hours, depending upon our opening time and the weather, but it's important to note that we'll never suspend play beyond 9 AM!


Questions for us? Call our Clubhouse at 603-964-5341


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