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Winter Rates / November 16th thru March 31st


'Walking Only' Until Spring 2024
Due to the super-sensitive winter turf conditions, we have now transitioned to 'WALKING ONLY' until early April 2024 --- We apologize for any inconvenience, but this transition is routine for the winter months and 100% necessary if we want to keep our fairways and approaches in good shape for the start of next season --- We greatly appreciate your understanding!



9-holes: $20 walking / $35 riding

18-holes: $36 walking / $59 riding

9-holes (College): $18 walking / $33 riding College ID required

18-holes (College): $28 walking / $48 riding College ID required

Juniors: Pay their age / $15 golf car fee Under 18, must be with parent to ride


10-Paks are intended for ‘Peak Season’ use & valid weekdays only (no hdys)

Weekday 9-hole 10-Pak: $260 

Weekday 18-hole 10-Pak: $425 

Weekday 9-hole 10-Pak (Senior): $240 

Weekday 18-hole 10-Pak (Senior): $400 



9-holes: $24 walking / $39 riding 

18-holes: $44 walking / $67 riding 

Juniors (after 11 am only): Pay their age / $15 golf car fee Under 18, must be with parent to ride



Golf Car (9-holes): $15 per person

Golf Car (18-holes): $23 per person

Golf Car (Junior): $15 per junior Must be with parent to ride

Push Cart (9-holes): $5

Push Cart (18-holes): $8


Some important notes about our Rates (read carefully):

  • Please note we have three Rate Seasons (Off, Peak & Winter)
  • Please note that we accept credit cards only for payment, so plan ahead!
  • Seniors ages 65+
  • Juniors are ages 17 and under
  • Must be 18-years old to rent/operate a golf car (valid license required)
  • Golf Car Disclosure: By paying Sagamore's golf car rental fee, you are acknowledging that you (the golf car renter/operator) accept full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by you and/or your negligence while operating any golf car on Sagamore property. You are expected to operate the golf car responsibly, respectfully, and with care at all times, and to use extreme caution while traveling the golf course. You are fully responsible for the golf car while it is in your possession during your round of golf
  • All rates are subject to change


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