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2024 Rates & Fees

Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club is introducing Variable Pricing beginning
Monday, May 6th, 2024 (to kick-off our Peak Season) --- Below is an overview of Variable
Pricing to help folks better understand what it is and how it works.

What is Variable Pricing?
Variable Pricing (VP) is a pricing model that allows our rates to continuously adjust (up or down) based on key factors like demand, historical trends, weather, time of day, day of week, seasons, and others. It’s super-important to us that we help our customers develop a good understanding of how VP works and how they can benefit from demand-based pricing. We have carefully set ‘price ranges’ for our standard 9 and 18-hole greenfees only, and the difference between our highest and lowest 18-hole rate is just 11%. VP offers a level of transparency that we hope our golfers will grow to appreciate, and the sooner you book your tee-time, the better your chance of booking at the lowest possible rate. As more and more public golf courses adopt this pricing model, we’ll continue to help our customers become comfortable with the concept and learn how to use VP to their advantage!

How will Variable Pricing benefit you, the customer?
One of the biggest benefits of Variable Pricing is, the sooner you book your tee-time, the better chance you’ll have of booking a lower rate --- In fact, customers can guarantee themselves our lowest (base) rate as long as they book their tee-time(s) 7-days in advance! VP lets you choose the day, time, and price that works best for you. As an added benefit, during non-peak times we’ll be offering ‘Daily Deals’ , which showcase generously discounted rates for you to take advantage of!

Will All Sagamore Greenfees be subject to Variable Pricing?
No! Variable Pricing will only run during Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club’s ‘Peak Season’ (May 6th thru October 13th) and only our standard 9-hole and 18-hole rates will be subject to VP . This means that popular rates like our Early Bird & Twilight Specials, College & Senior Rates, Golf Leagues and Prime Times will all remain static throughout the season, guaranteeing them the lowest applicable rate!

Note: We'll be publishing our static Peak Season Rates on May 6th


2024 Peak-Season Rates
May 6th thru October 13th


Early Bird 9-holes: $23 walking / $33 riding  First Hour of the Morning - Back 9 Only

Early Bird 18-holes: $40 walking / $62  First Hour of the Morning

9-holes (Base Rates): $31 walking / $46 riding  Subject to Variable Pricing

18-holes (Base Rates): $51 walking / $75 riding  Subject to Variable Pricing

Senior 9-holes: $27 walking / $42 riding  Mon-Thurs; No holidays; Ages 65+

Senior 18-holes: $47 walking / $71  Mon-Thurs; No holidays; Ages 65+

College 9-holes: $22 walking / $37 riding  Mon-Thurs; No holidays; College ID required

College 18-holes: $37 walking / $61 riding  Mon-Thurs; No holidays; College ID required

Juniors: Pay their age / $15 golf car fee  Under 18, must be with parent to ride

Twilight Special: $29 walking ($44 riding)  After 5 PM


Weekday 10-Paks  Save!
10-Paks are intended for ‘Peak Season’ use & valid weekdays only (sorry, not valid weekends or holidays)

Weekday 9-hole 10-Pak: $265 

Weekday 18-hole 10-Pak: $435 

Senior Weekday 9-hole 10-Pak: $250 

Senior Weekday 18-hole 10-Pak: $410 


Weekends & Holidays

Early Bird 9-holes: $27 walking / $39 riding  Back 9 Only

9-holes (Base Rates): $34 walking / $49 riding  Subject to Variable Pricing (9-hole play after 1 PM only)

18-holes (Base Rates): $59 walking / $83 riding  Subject to Variable Pricing

Juniors: Pay their age / $15 golf car fee  After 1 PM - Under 18, must be with parent to ride

Twilight Special: $31 walking ($46 riding)  After 5 PM


Golf Cars & Other Fees

Golf Car (9-holes): $15 per person

Golf Car (18-holes): $24 per person

Golf Car (Junior): $15 per junior Must be with parent to ride

Push Cart (9-holes): $5

Push Cart (18-holes): $8


Some important notes about our Rates (read carefully):

  • Please note we have three Rate Seasons (Off, Peak & Winter)
  • Seniors ages 65+
  • Juniors are ages 17 and under
  • Must be 18-years old to rent/operate a golf car (valid license required)
  • Golf Car Disclosure: By paying Sagamore's golf car rental fee, you are acknowledging that you (the golf car renter/operator) accept full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by you and/or your negligence while operating any golf car on Sagamore property. You are expected to operate the golf car responsibly, respectfully, and with care at all times, and to use extreme caution while traveling the golf course. You are fully responsible for the golf car while it is in your possession during your round of golf
  • All rates are subject to change


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