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Reward Youself with Free Golf & Range Buckets

Join Our Popular Rewards Club and Start Earning Free Golf Today!

When we first introduced our popular Rewards Club in 2008, our goal was to create a loyalty program that our golfers would truly appreciate and get excited about --- Since day one, it's been a HUGE hit, and we love the fact that we're able to give something back to our many loyal customers. Below is a summary of our Rewards Club benefits, and remember, the sooner you sign-up, the sooner you can enjoy some FREE GOLF!

Here's How it Works & Here's What You Get!

  • First off, it's FREE TO ENROLL!!!
  • It's super-simple... Every dollar you spend at any of our three locations will help you earn free golf and range buckets ($1 spent = 1 point earned)!
  • Once enrolled, you'll need to remember to let our staff know that you're a Rewards Club member before your purchase is finalized (or you can simply present your Rewards Club member card, which can be issued upon request!)
  • Every 300 points = FREE Medium Range Bucket
  • Every 400 points = FREE round of 9-holes
  • Every 650 points = FREE round of 18-holes
  • You'll also receive our exclusive Sagamore ENews & EDeals throughout the season
  • Your points will not expire, so feel free to let them accumulate over time OR redeem them as soon as you earn your rewards --- The choice is yours!
  • Lastly, you can redeem your points any time at any Sagamore location!

A Few Other Important Notes...

  • Points may only be redeemed for golf or range buckets
  • Please know that our point thresholds may increase modestly over time to align fairly with our rates
  • Questions for us? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Enrolling is Free and Simple...

  • ENROLL! Sign-up either online (see below) or in-person at any of our three locations --- If you join online, please know that it could take up to 48-hours for us to activate your Rewards Club account
  • EARN! Before you make any Sagamore purchase, you'll need to let our staff know that you're a 'Rewards Club' member OR you can simply present your Rewards Club member card, which can be issued upon request!
  • ENJOY! Enjoy your Rewards! Once you've reached any of the point thresholds outlined above, you can redeem your points anytime (at any Sagamore location) to enjoy your FREE Golf & Range Buckets... It's that easy!


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